How do I add trello to Confluence?

Choose > Trello Board, then add in the board’s URL, and the height you want your embedded board to be. This will display a fully functional Trello board on your Confluence page. Move cards from one list to another, add or edit details, and do everything else you’d usually do on a Trello board, from within Confluence.

How do I embed in Confluence?

2 Answers

  1. Log in as your Confluence Admin, go to manage add-ons.
  2. Enable all the modules of the Confluence HTML Macros.
  3. Insert the Include HTML Macro when you are creating/editing a page. a) Go To Insert More Content > Other macros. b) Search for HTML macro. c) Paste the following code inside the macro.
  4. Save the page.

How do I add a custom macro in Confluence?

If you want to create more complex, programmatic macros in Confluence, you may need to write a Macro plugin.

To add a new user macro:

  1. Go to > General Configuration > User Macros.
  2. Choose Create a User Macro.
  3. Enter the macro details (see table below)
  4. Click Add.

How do I add a widget to Confluence?

In Confluence, go to Help > Available Gadgets and copy the gadget URL for the gadget you want to make available in Jira. In Jira, go to the dashboard and choose Add Gadget. Choose Manage Gadgets or Add Gadget to Directory (depending on your Jira application and version)

Does confluence support markdown?

Confluence supports inserting content in markdown. This is often used in ReadMe files.

How do I display a Web page in Confluence?

When creating or editing a page, insert the “HTML” macro:

  1. Go to + (Insert more content) > Other macros.
  2. Search for the HTML macro.
  3. Paste the following code inside the macro, replacing URL with the website you want to include. Modify the other parameters as you see fit. Iframe.

How do I add a user in Confluence?

To add a new user:

  1. Choose > User management.
  2. Select the Add Users tab.
  3. Enter the user’s details.
  4. Choose whether Confluence should send an email message informing the person of their new username. The email message will contain a link that the person can use to reset their password.
  5. Choose Create.

How do I create a user story in Confluence?

Creating user stories from Confluence

  1. Go to your product requirements page in Confluence.
  2. Highlight the text of the requirement you want to create a user story with. The text you highlight will become the summary of the user story, as shown in the following screenshot:

What is a macro in Confluence?

A macro is a type of module that inserts dynamic content inside a Confluence page. You can use macros to display data from other systems, create specialized content such as diagrams or mathematical symbols, or display content contained within the macro itself.

How do I add a dashboard in jira confluence?


  1. Choose the cog icon , then choose General Configuration under Confluence Administration.
  2. Choose Application Links in the left-hand panel. …
  3. Enter the URL of the JIRA instance you want to link to, then create the new link.
  4. Use the wizard to finish configuring the link.

What is a widget URL?

Description. Web Site’s Widget URL. (url ) This is the external site’s URL. In some sites this will be the URL shown in the address bar of your browser, and in other sites you may need to click a Share or Link button to get the URL.

How do I add gadgets in JIRA dashboard?

Follow these steps to add a gadget to a dashboard:

  1. Go to the dashboard by selecting the Dashboards link in the navigation bar.
  2. On the dashboard, Click Add Gadget.
  3. Use the gadget wizard to choose the gadgets you want to add. You can see a list of these gadgets in Using dashboard gadgets.

How do you write codes in Confluence?

Choose the cog icon , then choose General Configuration under Confluence Administration. Choose Configure Code Macro. Choose Add a new language. Locate your language file and enter a Name for the new language (this will appear when selecting the language)

How do I format in Confluence?

Confluence has all the standard formatting options you’d see in other document editors. You can add emphasis to your text with formatting such as italics, bold, underline—even color and alignment. To indent, use your tab key; to outdent, use your shift + tab key combination.

How do I reduce spacing between lines in Confluence?

1 answer. You can just press Shift + Enter. Which also works in these comment boxes! Alternatively, there is the “No Format” Macro which does this by default but then you will naturally lose all formatting for any text within this space.