What is script runner for Jira?

ScriptRunner for Jira Server is an app available on the Atlassian Marketplace that allows you to extend Jira functionality through the use of built-in and custom groovy scripts. … It also allows you to automate using escalation services and script workflow functions.

Is ScriptRunner free?

Click Try free to begin a new trial or Buy now to purchase a license for ScriptRunner for Jira.

How do I enable ScriptRunner in Jira?

Navigate to the ScriptRunner Browse page by selecting Add-ons from the Jira administrators menu, then Browse ScriptRunner from the left menu. Click the Cog tab to open the Settings page. Toggle Script Edit Permissions on. Only users with Jira administrator global permissions appear in the Groups field.

How do I run a script in Jira?

How to run Groovy script for JIRA

  1. download script runner plugin and install.
  2. click on adds-on.
  3. there is option in left hand side panel behaviours.
  4. click on that.
  5. add behavior for particular field and write your script for that field.
  6. run your script.

How do you run a script?

You can run a script from a Windows shortcut.

  1. Create a shortcut for Analytics.
  2. Right-click the shortcut and select Properties.
  3. In the Target field, enter the appropriate command line syntax (see above).
  4. Click OK.
  5. Double-click the shortcut to run the script.

What programming language does Jira use?


What language does ScriptRunner use?