What is activity stream in Jira?

An activity stream is a list of events, displayed to a user in an attractive and interactive interface. They are usually recent activities by the current user and other people using the same social site(s) or system(s). An example is the Activity Stream gadget used on JIRA dashboards.

What is the difference between a stream and an activity?

An activity stream is a list of recent activities performed by an individual, typically on a single website. For example, Facebook’s News Feed is an activity stream. … Activity streams come in two different variations: Generic feeds: all users see the same content in the activity stream.

How do I see activity in Jira?

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  1. Click on the Jira icon at the top left.
  2. Click on Dashboards. The Default Dashboard is where you’re likely going to land.
  3. Assuming the Default Dashboard hasn’t changed, there is an “Activity Stream” gadget on that dashboard. …
  4. This will show you work logs, issue transitions, comments, etc.

What information is found in the activity stream?

An activity stream is a publish-and-subscribe notification mechanism and conversation space typically found in social networking. It lists activities or events relevant to a person, group, topic or everything in the environment.

What can you do in the activity stream?

The up-to-the-minute activity stream lets you jump directly into course actions. You don’t need to dig through the system, search for deadlines, or miss assignments and tests. Your institution controls the page you visit first after you log in. Receive reminders.

What is a work stream?

The Business Dictionary defines a work stream as. “The progressive completion of tasks completed by different groups within a company which are required to finish a single project.”

How do I view Jira history?

To view history in JIRA, the user should follow the steps given below.

  1. Go to View Issue Page to see change history.
  2. Scroll down to Activity section.
  3. Click on History tab.

Which of the following is used to create sprints in Jira?

Go to the backlog of your Scrum project. You will see the Create sprint button at the top of your backlog. Click on it, and you will be transported to the screen for creating a new sprint. Remember that you can create more than one sprint at the same time.

How do I change project permissions in Jira?

Select > Issues. Select Permission Schemes to open the Permission Schemes page, which displays a list of all permission schemes in your Jira system and the projects that use each scheme. Locate the permission scheme you would like to update, and select Permissions in the Actions column to view the scheme.

What is course activity?

The Course Activity Stream shows you important recent activities from a single course including announcements, discussions, assignments, and conversations. … The following activities will cause notifications to appear in the Course Activity Stream: New Announcements. Replies to Announcements.

What is an activity feed?

Activity feeds are a so-called in-app forum wherein you and your users can post comments as well as keep track of what new has happened.

What is view course stream in canvas?

About Viewing Course Stream

The Course Activity Stream shows you important recent activities one course at a time. Recent activities include announcements, discussions, assignments, and conversations (inbox messages).

How do you delete new activity on canvas?

Manage Recent Activity

  1. You can directly access your recent activities by clicking the course link.
  2. To remove a notification, click the remove icon.