How do I reorder epics in Jira?

Go to the backlog view, expand the epics quickfilters (panel on the left), click and drag to rerank the epics. The next time you view the swimlanes, their order should reflect the order in the quickfilter panel.

How do I reorder issues in epic?

You can change the order of the issues by selecting the epic and dragging/dropping the sub items in the right panel. It is also possible to reorder the issues in the backlog (you can also show all the epics and filter by them when selecting “Epic Panel” in the “Epic” filter).

How do I manage epics in Jira?

Managing epics

  1. Go to your Scrum backlog.
  2. Click EPICS on the left side of the board (aligned vertically) to open it. Add a new epic. Click Create epic (you will need to hover over the ‘EPICS’ panel to show this link), enter the epic details, and create it. Update an epic’s details.

How do I change the status of an epic in Jira?

The Epic Status field is actually a locked field found in the Admin > Issues> Custom Fields list. Hit “configure field” and modify the options there.

How do you add a column in epic?

Use to customize my screen. Look at “new orders.” Click “edit list” & select “properties” at the top left of the screen. Here I can select which columns appear for my list. Select the column I want to move & scroll through the “available columns” & add them to “selected columns.” Click “accept” when done.

How does rank work in Jira?

By ranking issues, you actually arrange issues according to their relative importance or urgency. … With Jira Software ranking, you can choose which of these two issues have a higher priority or ranking than the other. When you rank an issue, you also change its relative priority in its current column and swimlane.

What are epics stories and tasks?

Epics are large bodies of work that can be broken down into a number of smaller tasks (called stories). Initiatives are collections of epics that drive toward a common goal. Themes are large focus areas that span the organization.

Are there epics in kanban?

In a typical portfolio Kanban implementation, the Epics live on a portfolio Kanban board and are being broken down into user stories that live on separate team Kanban boards. Having this setup helps a great deal with visualization and transparency, but a big issue is often overlooked.

What does backlog mean in Jira?

list of features

How do you close an epic in Jira?

2 answers

  1. Navigate to the Backlog of your Board.
  2. Open the Epics Panel on the left.
  3. Click the drop-down arrow for your epic, and select Mark as Done.

How do I reopen an epic in Jira?

However this can be achieved by following these steps:

  1. Add the Epic Status field to the View and Edit screen of your project.
  2. View the epic in JIRA.
  3. Edit the issue and choose Epic Status as Open.

How do you find a patient in epic?

The Appointments icon on the toolbar, press Ctrl + 1 or from within the Epic Button selections. Type the patient information into the Name/ID field (use Medical Record Number, or the first 3 letters of the last name, comma, the first 3 letters of the patient’s first name). Click “Find Patient” button.

How do you add a patient list on Epic?

1. From the red Epic drop-down menu in the upper right hand corner of your screen, select Patient Care and then from that submenu, select Patient Lists. TIP: After you have accessed Patient Lists, it will appear in your Epic drop-down menu in the “Recent” section.

How do you create a new patient in epic?

Use the My Patients on Research Studies or Patients Associated with (Specify Study) Reports to find your patients on a study that is in Epic. b. If list is created right click on the list you would like to add the patient to c. Select “Add Patient”, you will then be able to search for the desired patient.