How do I delete all attachments in Jira?

How do you delete attachments?

Highlight the file and press the Delete key. Right-click the attachment and select delete from the right-click menu.

How do I delete an attachment in Jira?

Click on “Manage Attachments”. You can only delete attachments if you have the correct permissions. Next to the attachment, click on the trash icon. You’ll be asked to confirm you want to remove the attachment – click on “Delete”.

How do I delete multiple attachments in Confluence?

To delete, make sure the pages/attachments/comments you want to delete are selected, and simply click on the “Delete Pages” (or “Delete Attachments” or “Delete Comments”) button. You will see a confirmation dialog, and if you confirm, all selected items will be deleted.

How do I delete multiple test steps in Jira?

While viewing a list of tests in the Issue Navigator, click on the “Tools” gear in the top-right corner and select the “Bulk Change” option. Select the tests you want to delete, hit “Next” and then pick the the “Delete Issues” option. This will then delete all the selected tests after a confirmation.

Can you remove attachments from emails?

Open the email that contains the attachment you want to delete. In the Attached box, right-click the attachment, and click Remove or select the file in the Attached box and then press the delete key on your keyboard. … To delete multiple attachments at once, press and hold the Shift key on your keyboard.

How do I remove attachments from my phone?

Open your phone’s Files app . Tap a file. Delete .

How do I delete attachments in Confluence?

Delete an attached file

  1. Go to the page that contains the attachment.
  2. Go to > Attachments.
  3. Select Delete next to the attachment you want to delete.
  4. Select Delete to confirm your action.

How do I add an attachment in Jira?

Add attachments

You can add files and images to any issue in your service desk project. When working on an issue, simply drag and drop a file onto the issue, or select More > Attach files.

How do I add an attachment to a story in Jira?

If you’re a Jira admin, you can change file permissions for projects.

Add attachments

  1. Choose Attach ( ) at the top of the issue.
  2. Drop, upload, or select a file.
  3. Choose Insert.

How do I copy a page in Confluence?

Copy pages

  1. Go to a page in the space, and click ••• > Copy. Confluence opens a copy of the page in the editor.
  2. Rename the page, and make any other changes in the body of the page.
  3. Select Save.

How do you bulk execute test cases in Zephyr?

To bulk execute the test steps, simply select the test steps that you want to bulk execute by using the checkboxes located on the left-hand side of the table under the “Test Step” section. 2. After selecting the desired test steps, use the “Change Bulk-Status” drop-down list in the top right of the “Test Step” section.

How do I pass all steps in Jira?

Bulk Update Execution Status

  1. Open the Bulk Actions drop-down at top right corner and select Execution Status to update run status in bulk. …
  2. Select test cases the status of which you want to update.
  3. Select the Run Status you want to assign to the selected test cases.

How do I delete a test in Jira?

Click on the test from your backlog so the details appear on the right. Select the cog drop down arrow in the top right corner of the details section, you get an option to delete it.