How do I approve a timesheet in Jira?

In the Teams view, select the team for which you want to approve or reject timesheets. Click Approvals at the upper-right. You can approve or reject any timesheets that are Waiting for Approval. To approve a timesheet for a single team member, click Approve or Reject under Actions.

How do I approve a timesheet?

Approve timesheets

  1. Hover over Attendance, then select Timesheets.
  2. In the Pay Periods list, select the pay period that you want to view.
  3. Click the employee’s name under Timesheets on the left. …
  4. Review and/or edit the time sheet.
  5. Click Approve in the top right.

How do I approve in Jira?

  1. Create a project role called approver and set the role to those who will approve the requests.
  2. Put in a status called approval in your WF.
  3. Put a condition on the outgoing transition from approval status called “User is in project Role” that restricts the transition to those in the role “Approver”.

How do you approve a timesheet in TSheets?

How to Review and Approve Timesheets (Mobile)

  1. On your Android or iOS mobile device, at the bottom of TSheets, tap Timesheets ( ).
  2. At the top, tap All timesheets.
  4. At the top, if the date range is correct, leave it as is. …
  5. If you want to review individual timesheets before approval, tap an employee’s name.

How do I submit a timesheet in Jira?

To submit your timesheet for review:

  1. Select My Work in the Tempo sidebar.
  2. Click Submit Period at the top to submit the current period’s timesheet, or click the drop-down arrow to select an earlier period.
  3. Select a Reviewer from the drop-down list. …
  4. Optional. …
  5. Click Submit.

Who can approve timesheets in Xero?

If you have Payroll Admin access, give an employee permission to approve leave and timesheets.

  • In the Payroll menu, select Employees.
  • Click the employee’s name to open their details.
  • Click the Employment tab.
  • If the employee has the authority to approve leave, select the Authorised to Approve Leave checkbox.

Can managers change timesheets?

The only time it is legitimate for a supervisor to change a timesheet of an employee is when the employee is unable to do so due to something like sickness or injury. … If he is changing timesheets to reduce the amount you are paid, then you may need to contact a labor lawyer.

How do I add approval in Jira Workflow?

Is it possible to add approval to a workflow?

  1. On project the workflow, find the transition where you would like only the approver to change the status. ( The transition is the link between the statuses)
  2. Click on the transition and add a condition. …
  3. Make sure to publish the workflow before testing the changes.

How do I approve a timesheet in paycom?

When you’re done entering your hours, click on the Approve button located below the Time Sheet and above the Period Totals box. This will change the color of the Time Sheet to yellow, and show [Employee Approved] next to the Approved button.

How do I approve a timesheet in QuickBooks online?

Approve timesheets

  1. Go to Approvals.
  2. Select the report dates, team members, and select Run Report.
  3. Select either Check all unapproved, or select individual team members.
  4. Select Approve Selected Users.
  5. Alternatively, select Approve next to the team member’s name individually.

How do I submit a timesheet to Hubstaff?

Submitting & un-submitting timesheets

To submit your timesheets, navigate to Timesheets > Approvals, located on the left sidebar. Press the actions button to expose the submit or the unsubmit (if applicable) button.