Frequent question: Can you delete a project in Jira?

Choose Jira home > Projects, and select the relevant project. Find the relevant project and click Delete. Read the friendly warning message and click Delete.

How do I delete an Atlassian project?

2 answers

  1. Choose cog wheel (at the top right menu) > Projects, and select the relevant project.
  2. Select Delete project in the Project settings menu.
  3. Click Delete to begin deleting the project.

How do I delete a next generation project in Jira?

Out of the box, Jira Software gives end users the Create next-gen projects global permission.

To permanently delete a project:

  1. Choose Settings ( ) > Projects.
  2. Select Trash from the sidebar.
  3. Find your next-gen software project and select ••• > Delete permanently.

How do I delete a Jira service desk project?

Delete a Jira Service Desk project

  1. Go to your project and click Project settings.
  2. Select Delete project from the sidebar.

How do I delete an issue in Jira?

Delete issue in JIRA really is delete.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to JIRA as administrator.
  2. Click on Cogwheel icon.
  3. Click on Projects.
  4. Select the project you need.
  5. Click on Permissions (left menu)
  6. Click on Actions button.
  7. Select Edit permissions.
  8. Search for ‘Delete issues’ permission, then click on ‘add’ next to it.

How do you delete a project?

On mobile (Android)

Navigate to the “Settings” tab of your project, and then choose to “Delete” the project. Once more, deleting a project is a permanent measure, and you will not be able to undo or recover any project data once you have done so.

What is Next Gen project in Jira?

Next-gen projects are the newest projects in Jira Software. They’re perfect for small, autonomous teams that want to quickly jump in and get started, without the need for a Jira admin. We’re building next-gen Jira Software from the ground up, so it doesn’t yet have all the features that our classic Jira Software does.

How do I delete a board in Jira cloud?

Select Boards from the top menu. Click View All Boards. Click on the “…” at the right of the board you want to delete. I see Board Settings, Move, Copy, Delete.

How do I create a next generation project in Jira?

Create a next-gen project

  1. Choose Projects > Create project.
  2. In Choose project type > click Select next-gen.
  3. Under Template, select Change template and choose either Scrum or Kanban.

How do I delete a Gitlab project?

Delete a project

Navigate to your project, and select Settings > General > Advanced. In the “Delete project” section, click the Delete project button. Confirm the action when asked to.

How do you delete a project in Photoshop?

Creating, renaming, and deleting projects.

Delete projects

  1. Select the project in the Projects view.
  2. Click the arrow to the left of the project.
  3. Select Delete.

How do I delete a JIRA account?

To delete your Halp account, email Halp Support at [email protected]

Atlassian account services include the following:

  1. Jira Cloud.
  2. Confluence Cloud.
  3. Bitbucket Cloud.
  4. All sites you use to access these products.
  5. Other Atlassian account services, such as Community, Marketplace, and support.

How do I delete a child issue in Jira?

How to delete a sub-task issue type

  1. Select > Issues.
  2. Under ISSUE TYPES, select Sub-tasks.
  3. Find the relevant sub-task issue type and click Delete.

How do I delete Jira history?

You can use these in the scriptrunner plugin. Install in JIRA and then go to script Fragment section of the plugin. Select the update history class/method and put this code.


  1. Delete comment.
  2. Clone ticket (history isn’t cloned to the new ticket)
  3. Remove the original ticket.

How do I recover a deleted issue in Jira?

The only viable way to restore an issue is to create a new instance of JIRA and restore a backup that has the issues. Then export them to a csv file and import them to your production instance. You will lose the history.